Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

Mobile: Click on Menu in the upper left hand corner and scroll to the bottom. Click on "Create an Account"

Desktop: Click on "Create an Account"  in the upper right hand corner above the search and cart icon.


Can I change or add items to my order before it is delivered?

Orders cannot be changed, edited, or cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date. To edit your order before then, click on the "Edit or Cancel Your Order" link at the bottom of your email confirmation. 


How do I get my groceries?

For guests staying at a Disney resort, the groceries will be delivered to bell services before you arrive. After you check in, call or visit bell services to get your groceries.  

For guests staying off Disney, the delivery process can vary. Some hotels will accept the groceries and store them on your behalf. Others will not accept groceries so you must meet the delivery driver in person. Every hotel is different so we strongly recommend calling us or your hotel to inquire about their grocery policy. Ask your hotel if they will hold your order, including any refrigerated/frozen items or alcohol that you plan to purchase. If your hotel/resort will NOT hold your order, you MUST be present during your chosen time window (and accessible by phone) to accept your delivery.  IMPORTANT: Please include the name on your hotel reservation if different from the name on your grocery order. Most hotels will not hold groceries without confirming a valid reservation. 

For guests staying in a vacation home, groceries will be delivered to the home. We work with many vacation home companies, most will allow us access to the home to store the groceries before you arrive. If you or the rental company are unable to provide us with a valid entry code, you must be at the home during your entire time window to personally accept your groceries. If no one is available to accept the delivery and we do not have a code (or the code doesn't work), your delivery will be rescheduled and you will be charged a $25 rescheduling fee.


I received my order and something is wrong or missing. Now what?

Every order is checked for accuracy before it is delivered but sometimes we do make mistakes. If something is wrong or missing, please contact us immediately. In some cases, items are left on the shelves or in the fridge or freezer at bell service. A quick call to bell service will normally resolve the problem.

IMPORTANT: You have 24 hours after your delivery to notify us of any discrepancies with your order. After 24 hours we will not honor any requests for replacement items or refunds. Please check your entire order as soon as it arrives.

With manufacturers constantly changing their quantity and volume labels, you may receive slightly more or less of an item than was originally ordered. We will not adjust prices for slight variations in manufacturer quantity. Examples: A 12oz bottle of ketchup is changed to 11.5oz or a 40 count is changed to a 35 count.  


What if an item from my order is unavailable? Do you substitute?

We try to complete every order exactly as requested, however, there are times when items are unavailable or out of stock. If necessary, we may substitute unavailable items with comparable items of equal or higher quality. We never charge a price difference for substitution. If a suitable replacement is not available, we will refund the cost of the original item.


Do you sell beer, wine, and liquor?

We have a nice selection of popular beer and wines but if you don't see your favorite, contact us and we'll see if we can get it for you. We do not sell hard liquor. You MUST supply us with a copy of your driver's licence, photo ID, or passport before we will deliver beer or wine to you. The name on the ID must match the name on the order. This is required by law. The easiest way to send us a photo is to take a picture of your driver's license with your camera phone and email the image to Please include your order number. We will not deliver alcoholic beverages without first receiving proper identification. Failure to send identification may result in a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the cost of the alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverages are subject to an additional fee which is already reflected in the price. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Orders cancelled more than 72 hours ( 3 days) before the scheduled delivery date will receive a full refund. Orders cancelled less than 72 hours before the scheduled delivery date will NOT be refunded. To cancel your order, click on the "Edit or Cancel Your Order" link at the bottom of your email confirmation. You will receive an email confirmation after we process the cancellation and refund your credit card.


Is there a minimum order or delivery fee?

There is no minimum order amount for Disney hotels, Four Seasons Resort on Disney, Linguini's Lodge Vacation Home and Remy Refuge Vacation Home.  All other hotels and vacation homes must be a minimum of $150.00. The delivery fee is $14. Orders with over $200 in groceries are delivered FREE.  


How many coupon codes can I apply to my order?

A limit of 1 (one) coupon code can be applied to an order.


Why does my credit card statement show Strollers and Groceries, LLC?

Orlando Grocery Express is owned and operated by Strollers and Groceries, LLC.

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