Job Opportunities

Welcome to the Orlando Grocery Express Job Opportunities Page 

At OGE we strive to maintain a workplace environment that is fun, fast paced, and rewarding.  We encourage a team atmosphere and ensure that everyone is treated with courtesy and respect. We want our people to dress comfortably when they come to work and just be themselves. Our philosophy is that happy employees result in happy customers. 

-We offer competitive wages and bonuses.
-No uniforms
-Very little or no interaction with customers (except for drivers)
-Paid training 

Our hiring process consists of 4 steps:
1. Application
2. Phone Interview
3. In-person Interview
4. Shadow day (if applicable to determine if you like the job and are a good fit)
***Hiring preference will be given to those able to work weekends***

Please take a moment to read through the job descriptions and requirements and then click on the link at the bottom to get started.

Job Title:   Shopper

Everything starts with our shoppers and they play a key role in making our customers happy. Since food products come in so many different flavors, varieties, sizes, and brands, shoppers must pay close attention to every detail. Shoppers also need to be familiar with basic fruit and vegetable selections to ensure that fresh and ripe produce is selected. Our customers depend on their judgement.  A shopper's day begins at the store when they are given a list of items to purchase. The shopper gathers the items on their list and checks out with other shoppers on their team. Don't worry, we use a corporate account to pay for the groceries. Shoppers normally start their day no later than 7am and must be able to lift 25 lbs and move fast on their feet. 

Job Title:   Packer

A Packer (or bagger) is exactly what the name implies, someone who packs groceries. Just like you see cashiers bag groceries at your local store, our packers do the same thing except they do it at our warehouse without any customer interaction. Packers are responsible for gathering the already purchased groceries off the shelves and bagging them for delivery. Packers ensure that all items on the order, including shelf, refrigerated, and bulk items are accounted for and properly inventoried for the delivery driver. Packers are also responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary work area. Packers must be able to lift 25 lbs.

Job Title:   Delivery Driver
We are a grocery delivery service, so needless to say, delivery drivers play an important role. They are in many cases the face of our company and the only human interaction that our customers will experience. Drivers must be polite, courteous, and of course, have a clean driving record (and we will check!). Drivers are responsible for loading their delivery van and delivering the groceries as outlined on their schedule. Deliveries are made with a company van. You never have to use your own car or gas! Drivers must be able to lift and carry 25 lbs up several flights of stairs  (some customers live in low rise apartments) and submit to a DMV license check. Drivers generally start their day at 6am or 2pm depending on the shift. Applicants for the Driver position must be 25 years of age or older due to insurance requirements. Drivers must supply their own cellphone with GPS capability.

Job Title:   Manager Trainee

Every team needs a good leader. We are looking for people with proven leadership abilities and great problem solving skills. Manager trainees must have the ability to multi-task, coach employees, and resolve customer issues. Computer proficiency is required. We will provide training on our specific applications and software. Candidates will learn all aspects of daily business before leading a team of employees. 

Strollers and Groceries, LLC and Orlando Grocery Express is an equal opportunity employer.

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